We are Pioneers in Aviation.

We help aviation marketing and commercial professionals from both airlines and airports to deliver key insights into fare performance (and its impact on route performance) across Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia

  • 2009

    First to use Airline Accounts as the basis of our costs

  • 2009

    First to calculate average fares by route and provide an analytical tool

  • 2012

    First to provide an airline analytical platform to profitability level

  • 2014

    First to provide low-cost Europe-Wide Airline Profitability PDF Reports

  • 2015

    First to calculate average fares using route profiles and 8 points of observation

  • 2016

    First to provide Network-wide profitability balancing back to airline accounts

  • 2017

    First to provide coverage of US Airlines and a forward forecasting function

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