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We recognise that negotiations need to be supported by accurate data. At Aviation Analytics, data collection, processing and presentation is all we do, so you can be sure that our full attention is always on making sure our data is of the highest possible level of accuracy and integrity.

Our airline fare data is the foundation of everything we do and is collected in meticulous detail. Every day we collect fare data for every flight number across our range of airlines at 10 points to departure. These range from 6 months to 1 day before departure to give us the widest possible visibility into the booking profile of the route. This is essential to calculate an accurate average fare for the market, and competing systems which only provide 3 points of observation could be as much as 20% out in predicting this value. On a route with 4 return flights per day our system provides over 1,200 additional points of observation per month. Once our data is collected, we use big data technology to cross reference the booking profiles with business/leisure split information and credit card bookings to calculate the precise average fare. As with costs these are aggregated (once taxes are removed and ancillary revenue added in) to Network level to ensure they balance precisely with reported figures in the airline’s accounts.

Our COST data has been derived in similarly painstaking detail from published airline accounts since 2009. No other company in the industry has this much experience in calculating accurate airline costs. Our team of analysts study airline accounts for around 50 airlines in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America to establish operating costs category which are then allocated to aircraft type and sector length in line with our in-house airline cost algorithms. Our system then calculates sector costs at route level and aggregates up to the network level, comparing the resultant seat cost with that published in the airline’s own accounts and calibrating if necessary. We believe that this robust methodology produces the most accurate set of third-party airline costs in existence.

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