A Merry(ish) Christmas for Low Cost Carriers

A Merry(ish) Christmas for Low Cost Carriers 30 November 2017

EasyJet’s annual results, published on 21 November, included a comment that since September the low cost giant has observed strengthening fares in the UK market. EasyJet’s experience is borne out by Aviation Analytics’ preliminary 2017/18 winter fare data, which suggests that LCC fares on ski routes within Europe are largely flat, or showing only a modest decline, when compared with the same period last year. Considering the aggressive airline competition in the last 12 months and the downward pressure this placed on revenues over the summer, the prospect of stabilising fares may bring some seasonal cheer to low cost carriers.

With the ski season now just a few weeks away, we have been able to make our first assessment of winter fares. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Overall fares are down €1.80, or three per cent, on 2015/16.
  • Fares have fallen furthest in France, down by an average of €8.80, or 20 per cent, reflecting increased low cost competition in the French market.
  • The UK is one market where fares have risen, up by an average of €1.40, or three per cent. This may reflect the absence of Monarch Airlines, formerly a strong presence in the UK ski market, the collapse of which in October may have come too late for other carriers to fill the gaps this winter.

The above analysis is based on LCC flights to popular ski destinations Geneva, Grenoble, Innsbruck, Lyon, Turin and Zurich on routes from France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands and the UK, departing over the Christmas and New Year period, comparing fare observations at 120, 90 and 60 days with the same points last year.

Stay tuned for the latest winter fares updates from Aviation Analytics.

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