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Average Fare – Powered by the ultimate business intelligence tool – your ringside seat to LCC network performance.

Network Grandstand is the most extensive system of its kind, covering 14 Low Cost Carriers in Europe and four in the U.S.

View averages fares, passenger revenues and yields, break-even load factors and profitability on every route in the carrier’s network.

Compare destinations, airlines, bases and countries in any permutation imaginable.

Data is collected and updated in real time, with a forensic focus on accuracy.

The intuitive and easy to use interface allows data to be sliced and diced at the speed of thought.

  • See how you rank amongst your competitors, putting performance in clear perspective
  • Use your own and competitor data to build cases for new routes based on the latest fares
  • Maximise revenues from your airline customers with accurate route profitability data

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Airline-airport negotiations are becoming an ever tougher battle. Discussions are often held in a “take it or leave it” atmosphere, with airlines safe in the knowledge that several airports are in competition for each unit of capacity. It is therefore essential that an airport has a handle on its operators’ performance across its own route network and those of its competitors. Using Network Grandstand gives you that visibility, allowing you to negotiate with confidence and conduct discussions without leaving money on the table.

We are specialists in multi-dimensional data analytics, meaning that all our efforts are focussed on maximising the accuracy of our data and the sophistication of our products. Recent analysis of airlines’ published accounts showed that Network Grandstand estimated route profitability accurate to £0.20 per seat. What’s more, our AAIndex – a benchmark of route performance using an A to E index – can accurately predict route cessations. At the end of a recent season 88% of routes discontinued by EasyJet had an AAIndex rating of D or E.

“We came out of the airline meeting two inches taller!”
— Secondary German Airport

“Every Airport Manager needs this on their laptop…on second thoughts, maybe not!”
— Network Planner, Medium-sized LCC

“Thinking that our competitors have access to this keeps me awake at night!”
— Irish Regional Airport

“This product is light-years ahead of the competition!”
— Secondary UK Airport

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