B2B public relations made easy by Aviation Analytics

B2B public relations made easy by Aviation Analytics 28 January 2019
B2B public relations

Effective B2B public relations can drive future network growth. Marc Watkins explains how Aviation Analytics is helping airports.

Most airports have some sort of B2B public relations, but how effective is it? As an airport business development manager (BDM), do you struggle to get your PR team to help you in communicating your B2B goals with your partner airlines because they are busy focusing on the B2C market, informing people about road closures on the way to your airport or the its latest development masterplan? Perhaps your internal PR resource just doesn’t ‘get’ this part of the business and is therefore unable to assist when you want to have an article written for a relevant magazine or you want to send out a B2B newsletter to your existing and potential carriers. Some airports will use external generalist PR companies to support them in this function, and often these agencies are not familiar with the industry lexicon, jargon and acronyms that we all understand.

Impressive results

These are common complaints that we hear when we speak to airport BDMs at the various route development events that we attend throughout the year. With its own dedicated B2B public relations service, Aviation Analytics is the perfect remedy to this all-to-frequent malady. The numbers speak for themselves.

B2B public relations

Distributed to our network of global aviation publications, our press releases achieve an impressive open rate of over 20% on average, much higher than the industry average for this type of public relations. However, we don’t just send out your press releases and hope for the best, we interact with key B2B publications to ensure that they use the story and to see if they require any other help – perhaps an interview with a relevant manager, a high resolution image or cargo throughput figures to go with the passenger traffic.

For more information on how Aviation Analytics can help your airport communicate more effectively in the B2B environment, look here, or get in touch – marcwatkins@aviationanalytics.com

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