Introducing Network Grandstand –
Network Performance Management for Airports


Network Grandstand is the most extensive system of its kind, covering airlines across Europe,USA and Asia with new airlines being added each month.


Network Grandstand

Network Grandstand is an essential industry BI tool for analysing route network performance.

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It is built from the ground up, with individual fare observations by flight number across multiple points of observation on every route in the carrier’s network.

The state of the art delivery platform allows for data to be diced and sliced at the speed of thought, with multi-dimensional views and colourful graphical presentation an integral part of the system.

Data is collected and updated in real time, with forensic focus on accuracy using big data and constant calibration with metrics from airlines’ own accounts

Users can view Fare Levels, Passenger Revenues (including ancillary), Yields, and estimates of Break-even Load Factors and Route Profitability comparing routes, airlines, bases and countries in any permutation imaginable, for a very competitive annual subscription.

What are the benefits of Network Grandstand?

Network Grandstand allows for the ability to identify risks and their impact on the network. It allows Airports to understand their routes clearly and is driven by sound economics providing warning of problems and an understanding of competitors position in the market place. Not only this, Network Grandstand provides a proactive approach with Airline relationships, allowing your airport to negotiate with confidence on long-term charge deals.

Who uses Network Grandstand?

Airline relation executives are using Network Grandstand to understand the health of their route network and in turn using this performance data in the board room. Analysts are using Network Grandstand in their passenger forecasts to add robustness and helping management plan with confidence. Finance departments are using the reports to negotiate airport charges and to make sure shareholders receive value for money whether public or private.

How accurate is your forecasting?

Our data is 100% accurate, gathered from primary sources. We use various tools that help us deliver accurate forecasting. For example; we forecasted EasyJets 1st half 2016 revenue per seat (£51.47) and came within £0.20 of this figure. Head over to our Blog and see how we used our models to forecast against Ryanairs end of financial year returns.
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