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Market Intelligence

Our team of Aviation experts can provide you with complete Aviation Route Economics, Route Studies and more.

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Our research team help aviation professionals to understand their airline customers, leading to informed planning and development of data-driven strategies.

Aviation Analytics offers the largest and most diverse range of data sets available anywhere in the aviation industry today. Whether you’re looking for world wide  capacity, passenger traffic, fares, route  economics or profitability Aviation Analytics has you covered.  We work with leading  providers to package data  into neat bundles accessible via QlikView, a next generation Business Intelligence tool that’s simple and fun to use.

Our research team can help you:
  • Understand the operating economics of your existing airline customers.
  • Calculate breakeven and profitability of existing routes on a route by route basis.
  • Look at breakeven points, fare levels and costs to calculate profitability of new routes.

Thanks to our Aviation Analytics Dashboard, we save days of time to prepare our Routes Meetings.

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