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Fare Data Drop

Our automated fare data drop allows you to gain direct access to historic and real-time primary worldwide fare data.

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Get direct access to primary airline fare data delivered in CSV, JSON, XML

Our new Fare Data Drop product allows our customers to analyse their own fare data by allowing direct access to our extensive and rapidly growing database of airline fares. We can tailor requests to individual requirements offering the following:

· Extensive Historic Fare Data For European,US & Asian LCCs
· Forward data for any direct or indirect service in the world
· Data from 2015 to 6 months ahead
· 10 points of observation for accurate booking profile analysis
· Raw data delivered in CSV, JSON, XLS format for spreadsheet or BI integration
· Monthly, Weekly or Daily fare drops available
· Flexible and competitive pricing

We offer convenient bundles of fare data for 100 unique routes:

*Where a unique route is defined by:

· Departure Month
· Origin
· Destination
· Carrier
· Connecting point (if applicable)
· Class of travel (if applicable)

Package 1

  • Routes currently served by your own airport and those with whom you compete.

  • 100 direct routes made up from up to five origins to any destination if served.

From £2,750/€3,125 per annum

Package 2

  • New routes, presently served indirectly targeted for direct services.

  • 100 indirect routings made up from up to five origins to any destination.

From £2,750/€3,125 per annum

Package 3

  • Routes made up of a combination of Packages 1 and 2

  • A discount of 20% if available if you opt for a Combination of Packages 1 and 2.

From £4,400/€5,000 per annum

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The Airline Fares drop can be delivered to you via Dropbox, FTP or the Aviation Analytics Dashboard. If you would like to place an order for the Airline Fares Drop please contact us.

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