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25 years of LCC route economics expertise.


Your ringside seat to Low Cost Carrier route performance, covering 20 airlines in Europe, the U.S. and Asia.

Network Grandstand is the most extensive system of its kind, covering 20 Low Cost Carriers in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. View average fares, passenger revenues (including ancillary), yields, estimate breakeven load factors and profitability. Compare routes, airlines, bases and countries in any permutation imaginable. Data is collected and updated in real time, with a forensic focus on accuracy. The intuitive and easy to use platform delivers insights with minimal effort, cost and resource, empowering aviation professionals to make fast and best use of data to drive profitability within their businesses.

Why Network Grandstand?

Commerical awareness

Airline-airport negotiations are an ever tougher battle, with discussions held in a “take it or leave it” atmosphere and airlines safe in the knowledge that several airports may be in competition for each unit of capacity.

Performance in perspective

It is therefore essential that an airport has a handle on performance across its own route network and those of its competitors. Network Grandstand gives you that visibility how you rank amongst your competitors.

Negotiate with confidence

Use your own and competitor data to build cases for new routes or maximise revenues from your existing airline customers. Network Grandstand allows you to conduct discussions without leaving money on the table.

Where does our data come from?


Fare data

Our fare data is the foundation of everything we do. We collect data for every flight number at 10 points from six months to one day prior to departure. This allows us to calculate an accurate average fare for the market. Competing systems which use only three observations could be as much as 20% out in estimating this value. Once our data is collected, we use big data technology to calculate the precise average fare. These are then aggregated to network level to ensure they balance precisely with the airline’s reported figures.

Our historic and real-time primary fare data is also available in CSV, JSON or XLS format for spreadsheet or BI integration. Please contact us for more information.

Cost data

Our cost data is derived in similarly painstaking detail. No other firm has as much experience in calculating airline costs. Our analysts study airline accounts to establish operating cost categories, which are allocated to aircraft type and sector length. Our system then calculates sector costs and aggregates these up to the network level, comparing the resultant seat cost with that published in the airline’s accounts and calibrating if necessary. This robust methodology produces the most accurate third-party airline costs in existence.

How accurate is Network Grandstand?


Data collection, processing and presentation is all we do, so you can be certain that our    full attention is always on making sure our data is of the highest possible level of accuracy and integrity.

Recent analysis of airlines’ published accounts showed that Network Grandstand estimated Profit per Seat accurate to £0.20 – almost two months before the carriers released their own figures.

Our AAIndex – a benchmark of route performance using an A to E index – accurately predicts route cessations. At the end of a recent season 88% of routes discontinued by EasyJet had a D or E rating.

What our clients say

"Thanks to our Aviation Analytics Dashboard, we save days preparing for Routes Meetings.”
— Berlin Airports
“When airlines see that our data is consistent with theirs, that gives us increased impetus with new route discussions. We are no longer going off gut feel and instinct alone."
— Bristol Airport
“Aviation Analytics reports are easy to understand and have a great graphic presentation, both of which we appreciate."
— ANA Aeroportos de Portugal

Case Study

See how we helped Bristol Airport to develop their route network.

Take a tour

This short video demonstrates the key features and capabilities of Network Grandstand.

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