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We help airlines compete. airports grow. investors make informed decisions.

25 years of airline network performance expertise.


For two decades, we have taken a personal approach to developing ground breaking aviation data tools.

Aviation Analytics empowers aviation marketing and commercial professionals to understand the dynamics of their business in far greater depth than was ever possible before. We achieve this by using big data technology, cutting edge analytics and state of the art graphic interfaces to deliver key business insights with minimal effort, cost and resource. By making fast and best use of the data, our clients can make informed decisions and drive profitability within their businesses.

Network Grandstand

The ultimate business intelligence tool – your ringside seat to LCC route performance.

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Global Fare Data

Our Global Fares Data is your gateway to historic and real-time primary airline fare data.

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Our AIReports provide comprehensive and bespoke analysis by airline, airport or market.

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"Thanks to our Aviation Analytics Dashboard, we save days preparing for Routes Meetings.”
— Berlin Airports
“When airlines see that our data is consistent with theirs, that gives us increased impetus with new route discussions. We are no longer going off gut feel and instinct alone."
— Bristol Airport
“Aviation Analytics reports are easy to understand and have a great graphic presentation, both of which we appreciate."
— ANA Aeroportos de Portugal

“Because data collection, processing and presentation is all we do, all our efforts are focussed on maximising the accuracy of our data and the continual development of our products.”

Jon Soars, Director, Aviation Analytics

Case Study

See how we helped Bristol Airport in the United Kingdom to develop their route network.

Our People

With proven experts we blend know-how with the desire to get things done.

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Our Data

Our fare data is the foundation of everything we do and is collected in meticulous detail. Every day we monitor more than one million fares across our range of airlines. This allows us to calculate average fares with up to 20% more accuracy than competing systems.

Our cost data is derived in similarly painstaking detail from published airline accounts. No other company has as much experience in calculating airline costs. We believe that our robust methodology produces the most accurate set of third party airline costs in existence.

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